Investinor invests in VIBBIO

Published: 13.06.2019

Vibbio is a B2B platform that makes video production for social media easy and available. With Vibbio’s solution customers can produce and publish video content without professional marketing or advertising agencies. Vibbio aims to let its customers create engagement and attention through a simple and user-friendly solution that can be used also by persons with limited video experience. An additional feature is the market place created for freelancers, text writers and suppliers of film production services.

Investinor made the investment together with our partner Skagerak Maturo. Our share adds up to 4 million NOK, which gives us a 6,35 % stake in the company.

«We have been following Vibbio the last year and during this period they have proved excellent traction. 12 months ago, they had no paying customers, now they have signed up 40 and have a rapid growing base of recurring revenues. Sopra Steria, Höegh LNG, DNB, Orkla, Dell, KPMG and Thommessen are examples of clients that work with Vibbio» says Pål Breiland who is Head for early stage investments at Investinor.

Another key factor for Investinor’s decision to invest was the team. The founder, Marianne Ricketts, has extended experience from the industry and leads a very competent team of 11 persons, where 7 are women.

«Our dialog with the team has been excellent and we believe that the Vibbio team consists of people with skills that complement each other. The number of females in Vibbio is also something we see way to seldom in tech companies» according to Breiland.

Video for use in social media marketing is growing exponentially both in Norway and globally, as the development is fast the need for quick response is equally important. Today most brands use agencies to create video content for marketing purposes. By using Vibbio the need for marketing agencies will be reduced and even eliminated, when it comes to production of content. This again will lead to lower cost and reduce the «time to market» from days and hours to minutes when we consider short videos for use in social media.

Contact: Pål Sommer Breiland, Investinor.

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