Xilinx invests in Swarm64

Published: 10.10.2019

The world’s largest FPGA manufacturer, Xilinx, invests in Investinor portfolio company Swarm64.

– Investinor is very pleased with getting an international investor with the size and reputation of Xilinx onboard in Swarm 64. It is an integral part of Investinor’s mandate to facilitate foreign investments. Xilinx’ entry into Swarm64 also adds significant value beyond the capital invested. Xilinx will function as a door opener for the company, and aid Swarm64’s success on its platform, says Egil Garberg at Investinor.

Xilinx will own 5,9% of Swarm64 after its investment. Investinor also has other strong partners in Swarm 64 such as Intel Capital, Target Partners and Alliance Venture. Investinor is the largest owner with 17,9%, followed by Target Partners (13,6%), Alliance Venture (13,5%) and Intel Capital (7.9%).


Link to the company’s press release

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