Calliditas listed on Nasdaq in New York

Published: 05.06.2020

Investinor portfolio company Calliditas Therapeutics had its first trading day June 5th on The Nasdaq Global Select Market in New York after completing a capital increase of 90 million USD.

–  This is a landmark day for both Calliditas and Investinor. It is the first time Investinor participates in the listing of a portfolio company on a US stock exchange. Together with our co-investors, we have contributed to Calliditas’ development with capital and competency since 2013, and the IPO once again confirms the international interest in the company, says Ann-Tove Kongsnes, Investment Director at Investinor.

Calliditas Therapeutics is a specialty pharma company engaged in the provision of pharmaceutical products for people with niche indications. The company’s first drug candidate, Nefecon, is intended for the treatment of patients with the inflammatory renal disease IgA nephropathy, a disease that causes chronic inflammation of the kidneys. Investinor was an early investor in the company alongside Swedish Industrifonden and Bengt Julander, one of the founders.

– Under the management of Renee Aguiar-Lucander, Calliditas has developed into a leading player within its segment and demonstrated impressive progress over the last few years, says Kongsnes.

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