Dele Health raises NOK 65 million

Published: 28.12.2020

(Oslo, December 28, 2020) Investinor, Gunnar Evensen, the Urbanski family, Altitude Capital and MP Pensjon are among the shareholders taking part in Dele Health Tech’s issuance of shares worth NOK 65 million. The company has a unique technology for reporting on and predicting falls among seniors in assisted living facilities, and now the US market will be conquered.

“Up to 60 percent of residents in certain types of senior care communities fall each year. They often remain on the ground for a long time before receiving help, leading to more serious long-term injuries. Our solution is installed in the rooms of the residents, where a radar alerts falls. By combining data streams from the fall detection radar with other digital health data, we use machine learning to predict falls, enabling us to work towards preventing falls to happen,” says Carine Zeier, CEO of Dele Health Tech.

Dele Health Tech was started in a mountainous area in Norway in 2011. The company develops software, which is sold through a SaaS model, where assisted living communities in the United States represent the largest market segment. The company has recently executed its third installation in the US market and will carry out its first installation in Sweden in early 2021.

In the Issuance of shares the company is collecting NOK 65 million. Many of the existing investors are taking part in this investment round, including Investinor, Momentum, K4 Group, Hans Othar Blix, Northscaler and Hallingdal Kraftnett. New investors include Altitude Capital via Grunde Eriksen, TTC Invest / the Urbanski family, MP Pensjon, former CEO of Get, Gunnar Evensen, and Stratel via Eline Lorentzen Ingstad.

“We believe in the company and have been joined by very competent investors with considerable experience and capacity for boosting growth over the coming years. Investinor enjoys a broad portfolio in healthcare tech and we look forward to contributing our capital, but also our relevant insight and expertise together with our partners,” says Pål Breiland, Investment Manager at Investinor.

Northscaler has been active in Dele Health Tech since 2018. In addition to capital contributions, they have been operationally active, specifically assisting the establishment of a value chain for distribution and support, building the platform with developers in the United States, and recruiting the first US sales resource and customer.

“The private senior care industry in the United States is a gigantic market undergoing strong development, where the technological development is relatively nascent. Dele Health Tech has entered into a deal with the largest health journal system in the US, and this is an important door opener to the rest of the market. With falls among seniors, Dele Health Tech is addressing a major societal issue and we are thrilled to contribute to digitalizing welfare,” says Gaute Engbakk of Northscaler.

Possible stock market listing in 2021

Altitude Capital and former Arctic broker Grunde Eriksen are new investors of this round.

“The company has a unique, scalable technology in a gigantic marked. We wish to join a strong growth journey. We see a listing on the Euronext Growth stock exchange next year as a possibility, while we are cognizant that this company is so well financed by strong investors that other options remain possible,” says Grunde Eriksen.


For more information, please contact:

Carine Zeier, CEO of Dele Health Tech, phone: 45 50 69 01

Pål Breiland, Investment Manager, Investinor, phone: 95 97 59 55

Investinor enjoys a broad portfolio in healthcare tech and we look forward to contributing our capital, but also our relevant insight and expertise together with our partners, says Pål Breiland, Investment Manager at Investinor.

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