Investment in Scale Protection

Published: 02.02.2017

Investinor invests in oiltech startup Scale Protection AS.

Scale Protection is based in Harstad, Norway and offers patented technology and services that analyze and prevents deposits (scaling) in oil and gas wells.

─ Scale Protection is a company I have followed closely over several years. They offer the best and most cost saving solutions costs associated with scaling and corrosion, says Investment Director at Investinor Jan Morten Ertsaas.

Investinor and lead investor ProVenture takes part in a private placement of MNOK 24 in Scale Protection.

Scale deposition is one of oil industry’s major challenges. It causes immature production decline for oil fields world wide.

Scaling is deposition of inorganic material (carbonate and sulphides) in pipes, valves and other equipment in the wells. This can reduce and, at worst, block the production and prevent equipment from functioning.

Scale Protection offers technology and services that reduce these challenges, e.g.:

  • Tracer Carrier Tool (TCT) can be mounted on the inside of the tubing and provides information on scale- and corrosion situation in the wells – without forced interruption.
  • Laboratory analyzes (Bulk Scale Analysis) of scale from wells
  • Spin Protection modifies local flow conditions in the wells and prevents scaling.

─ Despite being a startup company at an early stage, Scale Protection already has an interesting product portfolio that solves problems for its customers. I’m impressed by what has been achieved so far, says senior partner at Proventure David Lysne.

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