Published: 11.03.2021

Investinor encourages all employees and temporary employees, as well as employees and temporary employees in Investinor’s portfolios, to notify any illegal, unethical or other censurable conditions in the undertaking.

The right to notify is a prerequisite for a safe and open working environment in Investinor, and we want to facilitate a working environment where censurable conditions are discussed and solved in a fair and orderly manner.

Censurable conditions include violation of laws and regulations, such as corruption, embezzlement or fraud, risk to life or health, harassment, or discrimination. If possible, your notification should include documentation. We will ensure that you are not met with negative reactions from us or anyone else in Investinor when you notify censurable conditions in a responsible manner. All notifications that are submitted in good faith will be subject to internal review and will always be handled by employees in higher positions than the parties referred to in the notification.

This digital whistleblowing channel is a supplement to internal notification. When you use the digital whistleblowing channel, you may notify anonymously. Nevertheless, we encourage you to state your contact details as, in our experience, a personal follow-up ensures the best possible handling of a notification. The law firm Wiersholm will review all notifications received through the digital whistleblowing channel and confirm receipt of the notification.

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